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   Beginners Dirt Bike School

Learn how to ride the right way with GPMX, MSF and USMCA Certified!
     Next beginner school is schedule for Saturday July 8th 2023!

      Class is held at: Pagoda MC, 441 Redlane Rd, Birdsboro PA 19508 

                       Email or call/text 484-524-5327 to register and updates!


 Based on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the USMCA (United State Motorcycle Coaching Association) beginner Dirt bike School program, we will help you developing the skill set needed to ride safely, in control and have fun!



If you or your child have no or little experience on off road riding and if you are between the age of 8 and 79 years old, we offer schools to fit your need and goals.  The Closed Range Exercises (CRE) course was created by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) to provide hands-on training with an emphasis on safety and skill development. New riders, or others, who want to improve their riding skills, will benefit from the CRE.


Intermediate and advance:


Intermediate and advance full day courses are a great improve how to ride when you already know how to use the controls of your machine (clutch, shifter, brakes). You will become more balance, gain more bike control and confidence in different riding conditions. We'll address each rider needs accordingly to their skill level.

Fundamental of Off Road riding, bike control challenges, obstacles course, agility drills,Trail riding and even some light motocross are parts of this fun full day curriculum. 


During the school, students will learn the techniques for safely riding off-road motorcycles. Lessons are presented at controlled no pressure off-highway riding sites specifically selected for the course. 

This is a great way to safely learn and a lot of fun! 


We offer loaners bikes, or you can ride your own.


 CRE beginner Class curriculum:

CRE beginner Class Curriculum
CRE beginner Class Curriculum
CRE beginner Class Curriculum

 Full day course Prices:

Groups (5 and more riders):

-$200 with your own bike (bike needs to be approved prior to the school).

-$300 with loaner bike ($200 for class + $100 rental fee, helmets included)


Private full day:

-$400 with your own bike

-$100 for bike rental

 *Sign in at 9 am*                               *Riders meeting at 9:30 am*                                   *Class dismissal 4:00 pm*

Payments / reservation:

 To reserve a spot in one of our school, forward full payment to:

-PayPal:  *select "for friend or family" or add the taxes to full amount of the class*

- Venmo: @frenchie444 

- Mail a check to: GPMX, 625 Benjamin Franklin Hwy, Birdsboro PA 19508

Contact us to book a date!


Email for info and to register!

Phone: 484-524-5327

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 Frequently asked questions:

Do I need my own Motorcycle and Riding Gear?

No, we offer loaners bikes and Helmets.

You just need long sleeve shirt, long pants, boots over the ankle (work boots type). We also sell riding gear if needed.

How long does the class last and what will we be taught?

Classes last about six hours. Come prepared to learn how to conduct a pre-ride inspection, basic riding techniques, mental strategies and environmental awareness.

What does DirtBike School cost?

$200 with your own bike, $300 with loaner bike.

Can a six year old child really ride a dirt bike?

Yes, children are often the safest students because they don't have any pre-existing "bad riding habits."

An experience like riding a dirt bike can give a child self-confidence that will spill over into other areas such as school and team sports.


Will I be taught to race?

No, but you will be taught the skills necessary to safely ride an off-highway motorcycle. Where that takes you is up to you.

I have never ridden a street motorcycle before.

Should I take a Dirt Bike course first?

That is a great idea.

You will learn how to shift, balance, maneuver, and stop a motorcycle, plus some mental skills to help keep you safe.

This will be a huge asset if you decide to take the MSF Basic Rider Course for street motorcycles.

Is there a more advanced course available?

Yes, we offer classes from beginner to pro.

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