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Rocket Raceway MX School May 26th

Motocross School at Rocket Race way in Three Springs, PA May 26th 


65cc and Up 11am - 6pm 


Working on Turns, Jumps, Racing strategy, and more!


You are welcome to stay Saturday and Sunday for the Pratice and the  MKS Fun Ride Day! Rocket will still be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday Invite your friends and Family! 


Hope to see you there!


Here's the schedule and what we are going to work on for the MX School:
Basic bike setup:
check your bike to make sure that everything is properly adjusted and in good working order. We are not going to go very deep into bike settings but we'll talk about the different suspension and control setup . We will make sure your bike is properly adjusted and in good working order. Make sure your bike is ready for a full day of riding!


Warm up and evaluation:
Moto to evaluate each rider, established what needs to be improved and reinforce what is done correctly.


Learn or reinforce your knowledge of correct body positioning and timing of motion around the bike. This is a important step and will set the tone for the day

-Learn how to understand, apply the right techniques and strategy to master all types of corners! This includes accelerating, braking and lines selection.
This is a big one and we'll work on it a large parts of the day!


– Different techniques for jumping higher and further, along with techniques for staying closer to the ground (scrubing/whips) and shortening the distance. We will implement some agility drills to help improve bike control during the "flight" of the jump. Lot's of fun on that one! 
– Techniques for starting straighter, faster and smoother. Strategy to practice your starts in separate steps in order to improve reaction time, drive off the gate, first turn intensity and manage not only your first lap but the entire race.

Along the way we'll talk about racing strategies, conditioning and a bunch of other things. The day is going to go fast! 

 We will rotate sections and have short Moto's between each sessions to give you time to apply everything we talk about.

 In the morning riders meeting, will establish what each of you wants to improve and I'll make sure we take care of it throughout the day, and to answer all the questions you have!

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