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Adventure bike clinic prior to the LemonADV Rally.

2pm to 6pm.


The course consist of a large field for drills, a grass track, trails and a mellow MX track.


We are going to work on:

Basic bike setup:
check your bike to make sure that everything is properly adjusted and in good working order. We are not going to go very deep into bike settings but we'll talk about the different suspension and control setup, . We will make sure your bike is properly adjusted and in good working order. Make sure your bike is in good working order and no full street tires!


Warm up and evaluation:

Ride/ wam up to evaluate each rider, established what needs to be improved and reinforce what is done correctly.


Learn or reinforce your knowledge of correct body positioning, timing, motion around the bike. This is a important step and will set the tone of the clinic.

-Learn how to understand and apply the right techniques and strategy to master differnt types of corners and obstacles! This includes accelerating, braking and lines selection amomg other techniques.


 In the morning riders meeting, will establish what each of you wants to improve and I'll make sure we take care of it throughout the clinic, and to answer any questions you have!


This is going to be a fun and informative clinic with plenty of seat time!

LemonADV Adventure Bike Clinic ONLY, Friday June 14th

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